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Is Cell Tower Radiation Dangerous?

Cell Phone Tower Exposure Overview You are exposed to 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than your grandparents were, and part of the reason is radiation from cell phone towers and microwave antennas.


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Studies on the impact of wireless radiation on humans are endlessly inconclusive, but a recent study on the effects of Wi-Fi radiation on trees--yes, trees--indicates that our woody friends may be much more vulnerable than we are. And trees can't even enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi. It's all very unjust....



Activists Under Fire

Despite what you may think about America, we still have numerous political prisoners behind bars and plenty of people in jail for victimless crimes. If we don't hang together, surely we will all hang separately. I saw a need for people to have a place where information about political prisoners could be kept up to date....




Los Angeles supervisors stop construction of cell towers at fire stations

ALTADENA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Construction on giant cell towers needed to make Los Angeles County's emergency communication system work has been halted until radiation concerns can be addressed. Dozens of firefighters came to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday to let them know they do not want cell towers where they work.




All men and women know that the foundation of law and commerce exists in the telling of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Truth as a valid statement of reality is sovereign in commerce.

An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce.

An unrebutted affidavit is acted upon as the judgement in commerce.
Guaranteed—All men shall have a remedy by the due course of law. If a remedy does not exist, or if the existing remedy has been subverted, then one may create a remedy for themselves and endow it with
credibility by expressing it in their affidavit. (Ignorance of the law might be an excuse, but it is not a valid reason for the commission of a crime when the law is easily and readily available to anyone making  reasonable effort to study the law.)

All corporate government is based upon Commercial Affidavits, Commercial Contracts, Commercial Liens and Commercial Distresses, hence, governments cannot exercise the power to expunge commercial processes.

The Legitimate Political Power of a corporate entity is absolutely dependent upon its possession of Commercial Bonds against Public Hazard, because no Bond means no responsibility, means no power of

Official signature, means no real corporate political power, means no privilege to operate statutes as the corporate vehicle.

The Corporate Legal Power is secondary to Commercial Guarantors. Case law is not a responsible substitute for a Bond.

Municipal corporations which include cities, counties, states and national governments have no commercial reality without bonding of the entity, its vehicle (statutes), and its effects (the execution of its rulings).

In commerce, it is a felony for the Officer of a Political/Public Office to not receive and report a Claim to

its Bonding Company, and it is a felony for the agent of a Bonding Company to not pay the Claim.

If a Bonding Company does not get a malfeasant public official prosecuted for criminal malpractice within

sixty (60) days then it must pay the full face value of a defaulted Lien process (at 90 days)

Except for a Jury, it is also a fatal offense for any person, even a Judge, to impair or to expunge, without a

Counter-Affidavit, any Affidavit or any commercial process based upon an Affidavit.

Judicial non-jury commercial judgments and orders originate from a limited liability entity called a

municipal corporation, hence must be reinforced by a Commercial Affidavit and a Commercial Liability


A foreclosure by a summary judgment (non-jury) without a commercial bond is a violation of commercial law.

A Security (15 USC)

This is a USSEC Tracer Flag

Not a point of Law

Governments cannot make unbonded rulings or statutes which control commerce, free enterprise citizens,

A Security (15 USC)

This is a USSEC Tracer Flag

Not a point of Law

or sole proprietorships without suspending commerce by a general declaration of martial law.

A Security (15 USC)

This is a USSEC Tracer Flag

Not a point of Law




It is tax fraud to use Courts to settle a dispute/controversy which could be settled peacefully outside of or

A Security (15 USC)

This is a USSEC Tracer Flag

Not a point of Law

without the Court.

An official (officer of the court, policeman, etc.) must demonstrate that he/she is individually bonded in

order to use a summary process.

An official who impairs, debauches, voids or abridges an obligation of contract or the effect of a

commercial lien without proper cause, becomes a lien debtor and his/her property becomes forfeited as the

pledge to secure the lien. Pound breach (breach of impoundment) and rescue is a felony.

It is against the law for a Judge to summarily remove, dismiss, dissolve or diminish a Commercial Lien.

Only the Lien Claimant or a Jury can dissolve a commercial lien.

This is a verified plain statement of truth


I, Joe Q. Public, say the following as a FirstHand Eyewitness: Joe Q. Public(hereafter I, me, or myself) on or about 7/23/2015 spoke with Joe Agent. I called at the request of Mr. Joe Q. Public Sr. who Stated, Joe Agent told him “your Claim has been Dismissed, if you have an attorney they are welcome to call me.” I informed Joe Agent I was Joe Q. Public’s Power of Attorney after which the following occurred

*Joe Agent Stated to me Ms. Bonded Public Servant Verbally Stated to him that Joe Q. Public’s Claim had been dismissed.

*Joe Agent Stated his investigation would be completed within 30 days.

*Joe Agent never suspended the Bonded Public Servant pending investigation Conclusion.

*Joe Agent never initiated an investigation

*Joe Agent is the Surety/Agent for the Principal.

*Joe Agent is aware Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

*Joe Agent has received a Deprivation of Rights under Color Of Law Warning

Notice by E-mail.

*Joe Agent is aware E-mail, Fax and Certified Mail are the 3 Forms of Lawful Service of Process.

*Joe Agent Stated “Please forward any further information to me VIA US MAIL. I will not be responding further.”

All Points must be Rebutted in Full Under Oath and Bond of Joe Agent

A Registered,Notarized Oathbound Response is Required from Joe Agent within 21 Business Days

With complete Public Servant Bonding Information and contact number of Bond Agent. Affidavit Matures at 21 Business days and becomes Factual Evidence for Trial By Jury at Common Law.

Under USC Title 42 1983 Joe Q. Public is Entitled to recover Damages from the Defendants.


Surety: There are Constitution and Bill of Rights Violations Occurring In Breach of Oath. The total value of this bill is Seven Million Seven Hundred and Seventy Four thousand dollars DUE AND PAYABLE UPON RECIEPT. ($7.740,000.00) in Functional Currency of the United States. The surety/property utilized to guarantee the payment of this commercial lien is the operational/commercial bonds of each of the Lien Debtors. If the bonds of the Lien Debtors are insufficient for coverage of the payment, the assets of the Lien Debtor(s) will be utilized as follows: all the real and moveable property and bank and savings accounts and of the Lien Debtors except wedding rings, keepsakes, family photographs, diaries, journals, etc., and the property normally exempted in the lien process. (Commercial Lien Registration Number #CA00187910000)

PUBLIC HAZARD BONDING OF CORPORATE AGENTS All officials are required by federal, state,

and municipal law to provide the name, address and telephone number of their public hazard and

malpractice bonding company and the policy number of the bond and, if required, a copy of the policy

describing the bonding coverage of their specific job performance. Failure to provide this information

constitutes corporate and limited liability insurance fraud (15 USC) and is prim-a-facie evidence and

grounds to impose a lien upon the official personally to secure their public oath and service of office.


I, Joe Q. Public, certify that I have read the above affidavit and do know the contents to be true, correct and complete, and not misleading, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and do believe the above described acts to have been committed contrary to law.





Using a notary on this document constitutes an adhesion in Equity. It does not alter my status in any manner. The purpose for the notary is verification and identification only not for entrance into ANY Foreign Jurisdiction.

Executor of this Instrument

Printed Name ____________________________               Date ____________________            

Signature ____________________________ (California Jurat Attached)


Before me, _____________________________, the subscriber, personally appeared ___________________________, to me known to be the Living Soul described in and who executed the foregoing instrument and sworn before me that they executed the same as their own free will act and deed.            

Witness Signature ______________________________ (California Jurat Attached)


Using a notary on this document constitutes an adhesion. [it does not alter my status in any manner.] The purpose for the notary is verification and identification only. [Not for entrance into ANY Foreign Jurisdiction.] This is a Self Executing Contract if No Response is Received within 10 Business days of Reciept.

Registered Response

Herein, the undersigned Joe Agent , representing and signing for the Generic Insurance Company

Corporate DUN’S # 000000000

Joe Agent printed name ____________________________          

Date ________________

Joe Agent, Signature____________________________


Before me, _____________________________, the subscriber, personally appeared ___________________________, to me known to be the living Soul described and who executed the foregoing instrument and sworn before me that they executed the same as their own free will act and deed.            

Witness Signature ______________________________   (California Jurat Attached)



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