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Areas in need of volunteers:
1-Develop a “Heal the Earth” program to eliminate harmful chemicals from our water and food supplies.    Develop healthy alternatives to wireless/microwave radiation and other forms of E-Smog pollution.
2- Destroy the corporate model known as  the “Public Education System” replacing it with “Enhanced Creative Learning Centers” which actually focus on teaching children how to train your Mind-Body-Spirit for optimal performance. After all, are we raising Pinto’s or Ferrari’s? 
3-Nullification of Executive Order 100 by Executive Order with a Public Declaration of a Status of Peace upon the Land with the proper DeJure Flag to be raised over all Public Offices of the several states. This will return Congress to a DeJure Status where they may again Legislate Lawfully and will also trigger an Audit of the entire Government to eliminate the waste. (# See Petitions Tab)
(We support other Causes also)

2nd Amendment

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