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At Citizens Action Network one of our Primary goals is to reinstate a Lawful Government for We The People, by holding all Public Officials, Law Enforcement Officers, Politicians and Sheriff’s accountable to their Oaths of Office to the DeJure 1789 Constitution.

The Bill of Rights is an Employment Contract which is simply not being Enforced due to the Corporate Act of 1871 which gave the Constitutional Rights of We The People to the Government under the DeFacto Corporate Constitution in Fraud behind closed doors.

Common Law IS the Law of the Land and the County Sheriff as the Justice of the Peace has the Authority to restore the Common Law Grand Jury.

After countless phone calls and e-mails to our Elected Officials in Washington D.C., in addition to all 50 State Governors over the last 2 years, it is clear that we have a Rogue Corporation owned by Foreign Banking Interests posing as “Government” that has literally Hijacked OUR country.

We are well aware of the War Powers Act in 1933 signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and the results of that signing. We have been under a soft (hidden) Martial Law Declaration since that time and it also explains the inaction of the entire Congressional body to Act on the Hundreds of Illegal and Treasonous Acts committed by Obama against the American People.

In 1945 The United Nations was granted control of our Public Servants without the Consent of the American People.

However, when something is done behind closed doors and in secret, while maintaining an air of normalcy, constitutes a Breach of Contract based on unfaithful manipulation by one of the Party’s rendering it Null and Void.

2nd Amendment

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