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The Birth Certificate
The Bill of Rights is an Employment Contract which is simply not being Enforced due to the Corporate Act of 1871 which gave the Constitutional Rights of We The People to the Government under the DeFacto Corporate Constitution in Fraud behind closed doors. (Congress was adjourned Sine Die at the end of the War between the States) 
We are well aware of the War Powers Act in 1933 signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and the results of that signing. We have been under a soft (hidden) Martial Law Declaration since that time and it also explains the inaction of the entire Congressional body to Act on the Hundreds of Illegal and Treasonous Acts committed by Obama against the American People. 
Your Birth Certificate is the public declaration of your Civil Death which is a blanket power of attorney over your public trust or ALL CAPS NAME which is also known as your Corporate self I:E Strawman. 
Look on any piece of paper or I.D. from the State. Is it normal, or ALL CAPS? Now the only thing left to do is take away the power of your Autograph so you cannot Rescind the Contract….. If you carry a Drivers License, you are Without Rights because you have signed your Autograph over to DMV. This made you the Surety of the Contract, when originally you were the Beneficiary. Now the STATE OF is the Beneficiary of your Trust. A Governor is really an Executive Trust Administrator. The reason Governors are primarily BAR Attorneys is they have to be a Court Appointed Receiver in Bankruptcy to  be able to transfer public assets.
What exactly is "civil death?"
The state of a person who, though possessing natural life, has lost all his civil rights, and as to them, is considered as dead. Quick v. Western Ry. of Alabama, 207 Ala. 376, 92 So. 608, 609.
In the eyes of the Law, you are a Civilly Dead Entity and have No Rights.
Bankruptcy Act Of 1933
The 1933 Bankruptcy Act took the Gold and Silver out of the money supply and it also took it from the hands of the People under threat of force and violence for those who stood up and said no. An Economic “Collapse” will trigger another such event where all the valuables are confiscated from the People AGAIN! (Britain has been collapsing Economies beginning in the 1200’s every 90 to 120 years
In 1945 The United Nations was granted control of our Public Servants without the Consent of the American People which explains why Congress is not fixing the problem. *Guarantee Clause of Art. IV, in which the Supreme Court declines the address the issue of whether a State is providing a Republican Form of Government. [Pac. States T&T v. OR.]
However, when something is done behind closed doors and in secret, while maintaining an air of normalcy, constitutes a Breach of Contract based on unfaithful manipulation by one of the Party’s rendering it Null and Void.
Public awareness needs to be raised on the 6th Amendment power of being a Pro Se’ Litigant ONLY as “One of the People” I:E Wo(Man) which means you are contracting as the 1st party DeJure. An Attorney can only represent as a 3rd party DeFacto enforcing International Law upon the Land (I:E Color of Law Title 18 USC 241,242,245 (An Attorney is required to register as a Foreign Agent at FARA.GOV when they pass the BAR.) “It is a clearly established principle of law that an attorney must represent a corporation, it being incorporeal and a creature of the law.
An attorney representing an artificial entity must appear with the corporate charter and law in his hand. A person acting as an attorney for a foreign principal must be registered to act on the principal’s behalf.” See, Foreign Agents Registration Act” (22 USC § 612 et seq.); Victor Rabinowitz et. at. v. Robert F. Kennedy,376 US 605. “Failure to file the "Foreign Agents Registrations Statement" goes directly to the jurisdiction and lack of standing to be before the court, and is a felony pursuant to 18 USC §§ 219, 951. The conflict of law, interest and allegiance is obvious. (In my opinion Robert F. Kennedy lost his life for exposing the Fraud upon the People.) ( R.I.P. Sir, we have the watch.)



2nd Amendment

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