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We humbly ask that you please contact us with your contact information, in any of the areas listed below you could volunteer your time.
C.A.N. State Coordinator(s) Responsible for networking any/all like minded Causes/Groups/Media in your State to more effectively use the Tools and Resources we are utilizing/providing for more effective reach into the communities. (The idea is to have everyone use the same system(s) of law, paperwork and investigative techniques part of which are using Freedom of Information Act requests for Public Records. 
Content Creator- create and post din depth articles via the website, wordpress site, social media sites, to raise public awareness, attend and document/interview local public officials to explain the law and see how their knowledge compares to what you are sharing with them. (Videoing these interactions is always recommended.)

C.A.N. Physical Activist(s) Shares C.A.N. Literature  via Social Media, Internet/Rallies/Protests/Live stream Public Events/meetings and Posts flyers on community billboards.  

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