How Do I Watch TV On My Computer With Optimum?

How do I connect my Smart TV to optimum WiFi?

Register at HomeLocate the MAC Address for your WiFi device.

Make sure your WiFi device is turned on.Sign-in to with your Optimum ID and password.Go to “My Account” from the top navigation and select “Automatic Sign In” under “Optimum WiFi”.Enter the MAC address for your device.More items….

How do I negotiate with optimum?

Call the customer support number, and when they ask what you’re calling say “customer retention”. When you get on the phone explain that you got an offer in the mail for the pricing you just looked up on the website. Tell them how shocked you are to see that you’re paying more than double the current offers.

Can I watch optimum live TV on my computer?

Requires software download and valid Optimum ID and password. Subscription valid as long as Optimum Online is maintained and covers up to 20 devices. Internet protection works on PCs, Macs, Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Can I watch optimum on my laptop?

All your favorites, everywhere you look. It’s TV anywhere you have an internet connection, in and out of your home, on your iPhone©, iPad©, iPod touch©, Android, Kindle Fire and laptop. Plus, the Optimum App keeps you in contact with your DVR and lets you schedule recordings even if you’re not home.

How can I watch live TV on my laptop?

Luckily, you can still view live television on your computer. You have two options: Plug a TV tuner device—which catches broadcasts like an antenna does—into a USB port, or stream shows through your web browser.

Can you watch optimum on a smart TV?

Delivering the Stream Through Optimum Even if you have a smart TV with smart apps, a streaming device is key to watch shows on streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. … There are several streaming devices on the market for Optimum customers including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and Google Cast.

Does Optimum have Netflix?

Netflix is available in Ultra HD on select Altice USA / Optimum / Suddenlink / Cablevision set-top boxes. … You can check which plan you’re currently on at

How do I watch optimum TV?

How To Use TV to GOChoose a network. Watch TV on the go with some of your favorite shows and networks available, anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection. … Get logged in. Select Optimum from the list of providers, and enter your Optimum ID and password. … Start watching!

What TV provider is optimum?

Altice One – TV, Internet, Streaming Apps | Optimum.

Can you watch live TV on Suddenlink2GO?

Stream to Suddenlink With the Suddenlink2GO app you can view your favorite movies and TV shows on the go for free with your Suddenlink subscription. You can access content on your Suddenlink2GO app, online, on smart TVs, on mobile and on gaming devices. You can also watch some networks live.

What is the cheapest optimum package?

Optimum internet and TV bundles and pricingPackagePriceChannel countCheapest Optimum Core TV + Optimum 300$74.99/mo.*220+Optimum Select TV + Optimum 200$79.99/mo.*340+Optimum Core TV + Optimum 400$84.99/mo.**220+Optimum Select TV + Optimum 300$89.99/mo.*340+4 more rows•Jul 30, 2020

Why did my optimum bill go up?

A spokesperson for Altice said that the company notified customers of the change through their billing statement and capped the increases to “ensure that no one customer was overly impacted.” The price hikes are due to the “rising cost of programming, which continues to impact pay-tv pricing industrywide,” the …