How Do You Get The Flute In Breath Of Fire?

How do I get to the ease cave?

Ease Cave is a location in the first Breath of Fire game, located to the South of Karma Tower.

It can only be accessed with Bo in the party.

Nina, Ryu and Bo will need to head here shortly before entering Agua.

At the bottom of the cave there is Cleansing Water, which will remove the zombies from Romero..

Is Breath of Fire 1 or 2 better?

Breath of Fire 2 is different from the first in many ways. Your party members have more of a bearing on the story and more dialogue. … In BoF1, fishing is not an interactive minigame, but in BoF2 it is. The hunting minigame has also been improved, and it’s a good way to earn money for the first half or so of the game.

Where is Romero Breath of Fire?

Romero is a town in Breath of Fire. It is located east of Karma and west of Aura Cave.

Is Breath of Fire 2 player?

Unlike later installments in the series, Breath of Fire II is a direct sequel to Breath of Fire. Set 500 years after the original game, the story centers on an orphan named Ryu Bateson, whose family vanished mysteriously long ago….Breath of Fire IIGenre(s)Role-playingMode(s)Single-player10 more rows

What does breath of fire do?

It is said that the breath of fire burns away disease and karma. Builds lung capacity and increases vital strength as well. Stimulates the solar plexus to release natural energy throughout the body. Raises the voltage of the nervous system.

Where is the Dragon Sword in Breath of Fire?

It Fire Elemental and can cast Flame when used as an item in battle. It is found on the 6th floor of the final dungeon Infinity.

How do you fish in Breath of Fire 2?

If you want to go fishing in the beginning of the game (and you do), you need to grab the TreePole rod in Ryu’s room at the very beginning of the game. You also need bait so spend your 5 coins on getting a spectacular worm. Save. Try to catch a fish, this is not very easy because your initial rod sucks.

How do you get Bleu in Breath of Fire 2?

Bleu is the game’s hidden playable character, and recruiting her to the party is entirely optional. To have her join your party you must first go to Wisdon south east in the desert region which is accessible by either by whale, the Great Bird, or Township. Once in Wisdon, talk to the Wisps who will speak about Bleu.

Where is Rod 5 in Breath of Fire?

Breath of Fire GBA wii-uTopic: Where is the FREAKING Rod 5zudoma unwashed heathen (guest)May 8, 11 at 4:07am (PST) ^ re: Where is the FREAKING Rod 5uhhh in the palace left hand trap search far right it’s not in a box it’s on the floor under the box32 more rows•Jan 14, 2004

Is Breath of Fire hard?

Breath of Fire 2 is insanely difficult, with very tough normal fights, and INSANELY tough boss fights. It’s one of the few role playing games that are linear that require you to level up. There’s some extras in the game, but they’re just that, extras, and can’t coverup the games’ flaws.

How do I get to Agua in Breath of Fire?

To enter Agua, the party must first obtain the Tablet from Romero. After reading from the Tablet, Agua lowers and the party enters from the bottom. After climbing up through Agua the party discovers a pillar guarded by Wisp.

Is Breath of Fire SNES good?

The difficulty in Breath of Fire does run a bit below average though. This is a good starter role playing game; it offers all the typical RPG features, and a decent challenge to the newcomer. Advanced gamers should breeze through this one, although it will be a fun journey.

How long is Breath of Fire 2?

Still, the easy combat does keep up the game’s flow, and you’ll be traveling from place to place and mini-quest to mini-quest pretty steadily. This could have made for a short game if BoF2’s adventure weren’t so long. Even with the quick pacing, you can expect a bare minimum of twenty hours to the end.

Who made Breath of Fire?

CapcomBreath of Fire/Developers