Question: Is Cape Town Safe To Walk Around?

What language do they speak in South Africa Cape Town?

Re: Local language.

Afrikaans is the second most common language spoken in Cape Town followed by Xhosa.

English is the most common language..

Which is the most dangerous city in South Africa?

Pietermartizburg, the capital city of KwaZulu-Natal and also historically dubbed ‘sleepy hollow’, was found to be the most dangerous, with the highest crime index and lowest safety index. Johannesburg dropped from second in 2019, to fourth, having been overtaken by both Pretoria and Durban.

What is the most dangerous city in Africa?

Cape TownCape Town ranked the most dangerous city in Africa | Africanews.

Do I need malaria pills for Cape Town?

Malaria is, for the most part, under control in South Africa. The risk of being infected with malaria is minimal when taking preventative medication. Malaria tablets are only needed when travelling to one of the above-mentioned areas, and not when travelling to Cape Town or along the Garden Route.

Which is the best area to stay in Cape Town?

The best areas to stay in Cape TownV&A Waterfront. The Waterfront, while not technically a neighbourhood, is a hub of activity where you’ll find upmarket hotels, restaurants, and bars all conveniently in the same place. … City Bowl. … Woodstock. … De Waterkant. … Sea Point. … Green Point. … Bo-Kaap. … Clifton and Camps Bay.More items…

What are the safest areas in Cape Town?

Cape Town has many safe areas for tourists. A luxury apartment or a beach villa on the Cape Peninsula suburbs such as Bakoven, Camps Bay, Clifton and Fresnaye are generally safe places to stay. Many upmarket holiday homes have the latest security features. They have CCTV cameras, alarm and armed response systems.

What is the safest suburb in Cape Town?

The Cape Town suburbs – the safest areas to live in Cape TownBo Kaap/Waterkant. … Consantia, Tokal & Bishopscourt. … Bloubergstrand/ Blaauwberg Coast (Milnerton, Tableview) … Hout Bay. … Northern suburbs. … Southern suburbs. … False Bay (Muizenberg, Fish Hoek, Simonstown) … Helderberg (Gordon’s Bay, Strand, Somerset West)More items…

Is it safe to walk around Cape Town during the day?

Cape Town is like any big city during the day you are fine and in the evening around the V and A Waterfront you will be fine as there are loads of people about. I personally would not go wandering around the city centre alone as it tends to be very quiet with few people about.

Is Cape Town safe for tourists?

Serious crimes such as murder and rape are usually restricted to the poverty-stricken areas around Cape Town, which are best avoided by tourists. Most tourists never get exposed to dangerous areas, which are nowhere near the popular holidaymakers’ spots, such as the Atlantic Seaboard.

How dangerous is Cape Town?

You shouldn’t be afraid to travel here. Based on this, Cape Town scored a whopping 65.5. In fact, Cape Town has crept up over the years from the 34thposition in 2011 to the ninth most violent city in the world in 2015, making it more violent than cities like Rio de Janeiro and is supposedly the most violent in Africa.

Why is South Africa not safe?

South Africa has a reputation for very high crime levels which include rape and murder. The risk to international tourists is low because most violent crime happens in areas that are “no go” zones for tourists. These are places you stay away from in South Africa – as you would in any other destination in the world.

How expensive is Capetown?

You should plan to spend around R1,439 ($87) per day on your vacation in Cape Town, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, R618 ($37) on meals for one day and R254 ($15) on local transportation.

Which is safer Johannesburg or Cape Town?

Of the three, there is no doubt that Cape Town offers a better quality of life and is safer to live in than the other two, provided you can afford to live in the suburbs or city bowl. Downtown Cape Town is also much safer than downtown Johannesburg or Durban.

Which areas in Cape Town are dangerous?

Nyanga was one of the poorest places in Cape Town and is still is one of the dangerous parts of Cape Town. In 2001 its unemployment was estimated at around 56% and HIV/AIDS is a huge community issue. The township is known as the “murder capital” of South Africa.

Can you drink the water in Cape Town?

Tap and bottled water are readily available throughout the city. It is also perfectly safe to drink tap water in Cape Town – the water is rated as being of a top global standard.

Why is South Africa so dangerous now?

South Africa has a notably high rate of murders, assaults, rapes and other violent crimes, compared to most countries. Crime researcher Eldred de Klerk concluded that poverty and poor service delivery directly impact crime levels, while disparities between rich and poor are also to blame.

What is the most dangerous part of Johannesburg?

Avoid the center of Johannesburg, the old high rise areas of Hillbrow, Yeoville and so on surrounding Johannesburg. They are now just dominated by gangs. Avoid township areas. Many township regions are sprawling slums with desperate people living there.

Is Cape Town Safe for Tourists 2020?

Absolutely, Cape Town is safe for solo travelers so long as they follow a few extra rules. Of course, it’s not the safest place on Earth – you’re going to have to bear a few things in mind, and travel differently to how you might in a group – but visiting this amazing South African coastal city is going to be a blast.