Question: What Is Another Word For Lumbered?

What is another way to say some?

What is another word for some?manycountlessseveralmultiplemyriadconsiderablecopious amounts ofendlessmore than a fewquite a few70 more rows.

What is another name for prestidigitator?

What is another word for prestidigitator?conjurerconjurorillusionistmagiciantricksterperformerentertainerjugglerescape artistsleight-of-hand artist41 more rows

What does impassive mean in English?

adjective. without emotion; apathetic; unmoved. calm; serene. unconscious; insensible.

What is another word for experience?

What is another word for experience?knowledgeskillwisdomexpertiseexposurefamiliarityinvolvementproficiencyskillscapability220 more rows

What does lumbered mean?

verb (used with object) to convert (a specified amount, area, etc.) into lumber: We lumbered more than a million acres last year. to heap together in disorder. to fill up or obstruct with miscellaneous useless articles; encumber. SEE MORE.

What weary means?

adjective, wea·ri·er, wea·ri·est. physically or mentally exhausted by hard work, exertion, strain, etc.; fatigued; tired: weary eyes; a weary brain.

What does plodding mean?

to walk heavily or move laboriously; trudge: to plod under the weight of a burden. to proceed in a tediously slow manner: The play just plodded along in the second act.

What is the difference between plodding and scurrying?

As nouns the difference between scurrying and plodding is that scurrying is the motion of something that scurries while plodding is slow, laborious progress.

What is another name for Mongolism?

Down syndrome or Down’s syndrome, also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21.

What does pleaded mean?

to appeal or entreat earnestly: to plead for time. to use arguments or persuasions, as with a person, for or against something: She pleaded with him not to take the job. to afford an argument or appeal: His youth pleads for him.

What can I say instead of some people?

some peoplefew people. phr.some folks. phr.some men. phr.certain people. phr.number of people. phr.some of the people. phr.handful of people. phr.couple of people. phr.More items…

What another word for could?

What is another word for could?wouldcancould perhapscould potentiallymight possiblymight potentiallypotentially willmay potentiallycould possiblymay actually4 more rows

What does prestidigitator mean?

Noun. prestidigitator (plural prestidigitators) One who performs feats of prestidigitation; a sleight-of-hand artist. Synonyms: conjurer, magician.

What does prestidigitation mean?

sleight of hand, legerdemain: sleight of hand, legerdemain.

How do you pronounce prestidigitator?

Tips to improve your English pronunciation:Break ‘prestidigitator’ down into sounds: [PREST] + [I] + [DIJ] + [UH] + [TAY] + [TUH] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.Record yourself saying ‘prestidigitator’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.More items…