Quick Answer: Are Penzu Journals Private?

How much does Penzu cost?

Penzu Pro is $19 a year and it offers the ability to customize your Penzu backgrounds, format text, control the date for your entries (so you can backdate old entries), import entries from LiveJournal and export entries as text or PDF files..

How do you keep a private journal online?

Go Simple with an Encrypted Text File Stored in the Cloud If fancy journaling apps and blogging platforms turn you off, or you just want something a little easier to get your arms around, there’s an easier option: Just write in your favorite text editor or word processor and keep the your journal entries on Dropbox.

Can you share Penzu?

Sharing by Email shares your entry with only one individual, who must have a Penzu account under the email address that you shared the entry with. … Sharing by Public Link allows you to share your entry with anyone you would like, whether they have a Penzu account or not.

What are the best online journal sites?

Best Journal and Diary Apps and WebsitesPenzu. (www.penzu.com) … Day One. (www.dayoneapp.com) … Diaro. (www.diaroapp.com) … My Wonderful Days. (www.mywonderfulapps.com) … Journey. (www.2appstudio.com/journey) … Momento. (www.momentoapp.com) … LiveJournal. (www.livejournal.com) … Evernote. (www.evernote.com)

Which Diary app is best?

Best journal app for Mac and iOS usersMomento (iOS)Momento Pricing: Free version: Yes, for up to 3 social feeds. … Grid Diary (iOS)Grid Diary Pricing: Free version: Yes. … Five Minute Journal (iOS, Android)Five Minute Journal Pricing: Free version: No. … Daylio (iOS, Android)Daylio Pricing: Free version: Yes.More items…•

How do you use Penzu?

Download Penzu today and get let the words flow!…To Start Writing in a Journal With PenzuGrab your phone, computer or tablet.Make sure you are connected to WiFi.Go to Penzu.com to create an account.Enter your name, email and a password for your account.Download the apps.Log in and begin writing!

Does Google have a diary app?

Write your diary everyday and let it be saved forever online so that you can look at your days anytime you want. This app uses google authentication and saves all the content you write here in your google calendar account.So,you can access your content from google calendar directly if you want to.

Is online journaling safe?

Penzu is an online journal which is designed to keep your secrets private and secure. It has 256-bit AES encryption, the same type of encryption as the United States Government uses. So it sounds perfectly safe.

How does Penzu make money?

Penzu is a private online diary-hosting website. Users can create written entries similar to a standard personal journal and can also upload photos from their devices. Penzu uses a freemium business model with special paid features including unique fonts, AES encryption, rich text formatting, and others.

What is the best free diary app?

10 best to do list apps for Android!Daybook. Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $29.99 per year. … Daylio. Price: Free / Up to $3.99. … Diary++ Price: Free / $1.49. … Diaro. Price: Free / $5.49. … Diary Book. Price: Free / $4.99. … Five Minute Journal. Price: $4.99. … Journey. Price: Free / $4.99 / $29.99 per year. … Luci. Price: Free.More items…•

Can you print from Penzu?

​To print one entry: Click the “three dots” icon on the far right side of the toolbar underneath the entry title. Choose “Print”

What is Penzu pro?

Features included in Penzu PRO: Unlimited journals. Encrypted journal locking. Custom journal covers. Custom pad and background themes. Change entry dates.

Is there a bullet Journal app?

Traditionally, a bullet journal is supposed to help you be more organized and focused. Hence, for a digital bullet journal, you need an app that doesn’t get in your way and allows you to do the same things that are possible with its analog relative.