Quick Answer: Is Asker A Word?

Is includible a word?

Suitable or available for inclusion..

What is a requester?

noun. Requester is defined as the person who asks for something or who makes a request. An example of a requester is a person who asked the library to order a book for him. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What does questioner mean?

A questioner is someone who asks questions, especially in an official or formal capacity. When a detective interviews a suspect, she acts as a questioner. … You are also a questioner if you are having doubts about something, especially religious tenets — you’re questioning them.

Is it bad to ask a lot of questions?

Another time it can be bad to ask lots of questions is if it’s repeating the same question. … So, basically, if you’re asking because you’re genuinely interested, asking questions is usually appreciated, but if it’s in inappropriate situations, or because you weren’t listening, that’s generally found to be annoying.

What’s the difference between requestor and requester?

“Requestor” is formal, almost legalistic, term for someone who asks for something. (The person to whom such request was made would be the “requestee.”) An analogy would be mortgagor/mortgagee. “Requester” is a more casual term for someone who happens to ask for something.

What does requestor name mean?

noun. The definition of a requestor is someone who asks for something. An example of a requestor is a child who asks his mother if she will order pizza for dinner. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What does Asker mean?

Noun. asker (plural askers) Someone who asks a question.

What do you call a person who asks questions?

The straight up, direct answer to your question is “inquisitive”. An inquisitive person is one given to asking questions. There are other words to call such a person but they depend on their attitude and the feelings they elicit in others. … An inquisitive person is one given to asking questions.

Is Unsturdy a word?

Unstable adjective – Not being in or able to maintain a state of balance. Sometimes you can replace term “Unsturdy” with “Unstable”, this adjectives are similar. …

Who is a Requestee?

Noun. requestee (plural requestees) A person from whom something is requested.