Quick Answer: Is Black A Good Camouflage?

multicam is a pattern that works well, foremost, and looks good, which doesn’t hurt.

so it’s not surprising that it would be popular since that caters to all crowds – those who need a pattern that works, and those who don’t need it and just like cool patterns..

Do navy seals wear MultiCam?

To my knowledge, most US Navy SEALS would never be issued MultiCam, and are still stuck in the dark ages, wearing the standard but updated Navy AOR/NWU pattern initially issued 8 years ago. Moreover, the US military only purchased the SCAR-H, not SCAR-L.

Who invented MultiCam?

Crye PrecisionFirst unveiled and designed in 2002, MultiCam was designed for the use of the U.S. Army in varied environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. It is a seven-color, multi-environment camouflage pattern developed by Crye Precision in conjunction with United States Army Soldier Systems Center.

Is MultiCam Black Effective?

It blends easily and matches well with Army drab green, coyote brown, and black gear, and it’s an ideal camo for operations in deep woods or jungle settings. In our book, all black wouldn’t work, but MultiCam black is an excellent camo pattern.

What is the best color for camouflage?

If you live near the woods, green and brown might be good colors. If you live near the beach, tan and light brown might work better. First, decide where you’re going to wear your camouflage clothing and then decide what it should look like based upon where you’re going to wear it.

What is black camo called?

Chocolate Chip is a six colour pattern originally developed by the US Army in 1981, the name comes from the black spots designed to mimic rocks that give the pattern a cookie dough look. A favourite for desert warfare, the pattern has been adopted by militaries from South Korea and Iraq to all over Africa.

Who uses black MultiCam?

Multicam Black is designed for those engaged in counter-terrorist operations and Alpine is clearly for those operating in winter/cold weather environments. The two adaptations closest to Multicam are Arid and Tropic.

Is MultiCam the best camo?

Iram Member. Multicam works “okay” almost everywhere and “good” in a handful of places. If you have to choose one type of camo and use it everywhere everytime, Multicam is probably the way to go. In general, you’ll be better off matching your camo to your environment.

Is it disrespectful to wear camouflage?

Not usually. Besides perfectly legitimate civilian uses of camo, e.g. by hunters or biologists, sometimes people wear military-style camo to show respect to military personnel. Now, a “stolen valor” situation, where you’re actually falsely claiming to be a member of the military? That, I consider disrespectful.

Who wears MultiCam Black?

MultiCam is used by US Special Operations forces, and some private military contractors. In 2010, US forces in Afghanistan switched to a MultiCam pattern when the existing Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) was found to be inadequate for the environment.

Why is MultiCam more expensive?

Why is the multicam so much more expensive than the acu or tan/od green? The acu comes in around 47 bucks, and the tan/od green are right around 50. Also, because the multi cam comes with the mag holders built in while the tan and OD green are the stripped down vest.

What colors make up MultiCam Black?

The pattern is composed of large black and dark green blotches, and smaller brown splotches, spread throughout the dark grey background. With such palette of colors, MultiCam Black compliments the existing equipment utilised by special operations units and civilian law enforcement agencies across the world.