Quick Answer: What Do Security Guards Do At Night?

Do night shifts shorten your life?

In 2015, an international team of researchers studied women working rotating night shifts for five or more years, and found they carried an 11% greater mortality risk from all causes, and a 19% greater risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) death..

Is security a good career?

Generally speaking, working as a security guard is a great job for a young person who is going to school or preparing for a career. It is also a great job for retirees trying to either supplement income, or just looking for a way out of the house. However, it is not the best way to make a good living.

How many hours can a security guard work in a month in South Africa?

52 weeks in a year x 48 hours / 12 months = 208 hours per month. Over every 4 months the average normal working hours must be 208 hours per month. The same calculation can be used for overtime at 10 hours per week. By agreement this can be extended to 12 hours.

What are the qualities of a good security guard?

Qualities of a Good Security GuardObservation skills. … Honesty and integrity. … Ability to lead and work in a team. … Communication skills and empathy. … Conciliatory attitude. … Hard-working and flexible. … Physical fitness.

Is being a security guard boring?

Security jobs are boring A misconception many have is that working as a Security Guard is boring. … If you see yourself as an insignificant part of your job, then you’ve left open a vulnerability that can be exploited. Security guards who see their jobs as mundane, become easy targets for criminals and troublemakers.

How do security guards stay awake?

7 Ways Security Officers Can Stay Awake on DutySee the Light. Researchers have found that blue light is linked to alertness. … Stretch and Move. If you’re stationed at a desk or guard booth and unable to leave, find creative ways to move your body and keep blood flowing. … Exercise Your Mind. … Eat Smart. … Stay Hydrated. … Create Your Own Accountability. … Use a Guard Tour System.

What are the duties of a security guard?

Security Officer Job DescriptionSecures premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry.Obtains help by sounding alarms.Prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities; informing violators of policy and procedures; restraining trespassers.More items…

How do security guards not get bored?

If security guards want to avoid boredom on the job they need to mix it up a bit, giving themselves some mental and physical variety. Simple exercises can help the body stay more alert. Maybe try a couple jumping jacks once an hour or at least stretch your arms and legs.

What a security guard should not do?

Security guards should avoid making arrests, except in situations where obvious felonies are being committed. It’s entirely possible that a security guard making a false arrest, or one that turns out to be unjustified, could cause your company to be sued for false arrest.

What shifts do security guards work?

It also gives you the flexibility be able to work the occasional double shift, when necessary, without burning out. 16 hours is long, but manageable. 20 and 24 hours is outright exhasting. For long term, sustainable results, stick with 8 hour shifts.

What are the advantages of being a security guard?

Here are the top 10 reasons to become a security guard:Crisis training.Improves your people skills. … There’s variety within the field. … Enhances your observation skills. … It’s a great part-time job. … A variety of scheduling possibilities. … Increased employability. … Helping people feel safe is rewarding. … More items…•

Is 5 hours enough for sleep?

Sometimes life calls and we don’t get enough sleep. But five hours of sleep out of a 24-hour day isn’t enough, especially in the long term. According to a 2018 study of more than 10,000 people, the body’s ability to function declines if sleep isn’t in the seven- to eight-hour range.

Can you work two security companies same time?

Benefits & Risks of Working as a Security Officer for Multiple Employers. One convenient aspect of having your Guard Card means that you can now hold multiple security officer positions – just not at the same time. Maybe you’ll have one primary job weekdays from 9-5 and then another weekend gig.