Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Still?

What is Howbeit?

Webster Dictionary Howbeit.

be it as it may; nevertheless; notwithstanding; although; albeit; yet; but; however..

What does still up mean?

“Still up to” means “are you still doing (something)”.

What does not moving mean?

Synonyms: unmoving immobile. not capable of movement or of being moved. inactive, motionless, static, still. not in physical motion.

What is opposite word of still?

Antonyms: moving, animated, stormy, running(a), sparkling, effervescent, noisy, no more, no longer. Synonyms: soundless, placid, tranquil, silent, inactive, noneffervescent, unruffled, static, smooth, motionless, quiet. still, noneffervescent(adj)

What is the opposite of strengthen?

What is the opposite of strengthen?weakendebilitateslowslumpsubtractbreak downlet downprostratedevitalizeexhaust187 more rows

What is the opposite word of all?

What is the opposite of all?partiallyhalfwaypassablyalmostnearlyprettytolerablypiecemealaveragelynot at all29 more rows

What is a word for still?

What is another word for still?calmpeacefulpacificrestfulstationaryunruffledstagnantuntroubledwavelesswindless220 more rows

What is a synonym of still?

SEE DEFINITION OF still. adj.calm, motionless, quiet. conj.however. nounquiet. verbmake quiet, motionless, calm.

How do you spell still?

Correct spelling for the English word “still” is [stˈɪl], [stˈɪl], [s_t_ˈɪ_l] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for STILLstella,stehle,stilley,staley,stele,steal,steele,stilly,More items…

What is a word for not moving?

What is another word for not moving?stoppedimmobilemotionlessstationarystillat a standstillinactiveat restunmovingparked65 more rows