Quick Answer: Why Do People Play Bass So Loud?

Why is bass so annoying?

The really loud bass is just an additional nuisance, because really loud bass can make things vibrate, and that’s annoying if at the moment you don’t want everything vibrating.

It doesn’t come through your ears, it comes vibrating through your whole body, especially your stomach, it’s physical..

Why is the bass so loud at concerts?

Because the bass wavelengths are so long there can be spots in a room where they superimpose as they bounce around and are much louder (and conversely spots where they cancel out and are much softer).

Is loud bass bad for you?

Bass is less dangerous than high frequencies, but loud noises can and do cause hearing loss…and the SPL at EDM festivals and shows is dangerously high. … So, in short: Yes, loud bass can cause damage to your body, mostly your ears.

How do you deal with a loud bass?

The Best Ways to Reduce Bass Noise From NeighborsTalk to Your Neighbors. … Build a Room Inside a Room. … Stop Bass from Traveling Through Walls and Ceilings. … Soundproof the Floor. … Use White Noise to Drown Out Some of the Bass Sounds. … Block Bass with Headphones or Earmuffs.

Can my neighbors hear my bass?

your bass sound can travel pretty far, but if you’re playing at a level that doesn’t hurt your ears without protection the sound will probably not be distinguishable as an instrument.

Can hear bass through walls?

Install Acoustic Foam on the Walls They will absorb all bass vibrations passing through the wall. Acoustic foam panels absorb all noise that bounces off the wall. The foams also soften all sound in the house. … They work perfectly on reducing bass noise from our neighbors.