What Is The Shortest Song In History?

What is the shortest song in the world 2020?

MonkoAs of May 2020 the shortest song ever recorded is “Monko” by Urzla.

It is 0.500 seconds, beating “I Suffer More” by Elise Ecklund.

The Spotify version has been extended to 2 seconds, whereas “I Suffer More” sits at 4..

What is the longest song of all time?

The Rise and Fall of BossanovaThe longest officially released song is “The Rise and Fall of Bossanova (A 13:23:32 song)” by PC III (USA) which lasts 13 hr 23 min 32 sec, released on 1 November 2016. Michael and Kelley Bostwick beat the current record by more than 10 hours to regain their title.

What is the shortest rock song?

At under 2 minutes running time, “The Letter” is one of the shortest songs to ever top the charts.Elton John “Goodbye” (1:52) … The Kinks “Gotta Get the First Plane Home” (1:49) … The Rolling Stones “Not Fade Away” (1:48) … Janis Joplin “Mercedes Benz” (1:47) … Pink Floyd “Pigs on the Wing 1” (1:25)More items…•

What is the quickest song?

LazarettoJack White has shared the record-breaking song ‘Lazaretto’, aka the world’s fastest record. See above to listen now. The track was recorded by White on Record Store Day (April 19) at his Third Man studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

What’s a short song called?

What is another word for song?tunelaycarolchantchorusstrainhymnpsalmshantytrack85 more rows