Where Is My Sent Folder?

Why have my sent emails disappeared?

Usually, when Outlook emails have disappeared, it could be an issue of configuration in your settings, account inactivity, email rules set up on Outlook, and emails moved to a deleted folder, your account may be hacked and the mail deleted, or the Conversation Threading feature is turned on..

How do I retrieve lost emails?

Follow these steps to search all your emails, including those that aren’t in your inbox:On your computer, open Gmail.In the search box, click the Down arrow .Click the All Mail drop down, then select Mail & Spam & Trash.Enter some information that’s in the missing email. … At the bottom of the box, click Search .

Where are my sent emails on iPhone?

In iOS, you have to drill down a bit farther:Open Settings > Passwords & Accounts and tap the email account. … Tap Account > Advanced > Sent Mailbox. … In this list, you can again pick from choices on the server or under On My iPhone, the Sent mailbox.

How do I add a Sent folder in Outlook 365?

To open the Sent Items folder in Outlook, click the “Mail” button in the Navigation Bar. Then select the “Sent Items” folder in the Folder Pane.

Why can’t I see my email folders on my iPhone?

Why are the IMAP folders missing from my iPhone or iPad? If you can successfully send email and view any new messages in your Inbox, but aren’t able to view additional subfolders, then it’s likely that you have an incorrect IMAP Path Prefix setting on the device.

Can not see my sent items in Outlook?

If you don’t see the Sent Items folder, you may need to change your Outlook settings. You can find your Sent Items folder in your folder list. If you have multiple email accounts in Outlook, each email account has its own Sent Items folder. Click Sent Items in the folder list.

Where are my sent emails in Windows 10?

By default the Mail app that comes with Windows 10 shows only the Inbox, Sent Items, and Drafts folder in the mail account view. If you want access to any additional folders you have created for organization purposes, you can tap or click the More option in the app to expose the other folders.

How do I know if my email has been sent?

Go to the File tab and select Options. Select Mail. Scroll down to the Tracking section, and click the checkbox under For all messages sent, request: Delivery receipt confirming the message was delivered to the recipient’s email server and/or Read receipt confirming the recipient viewed the message.

How do I know if my email has been received?

Know when a recipient reads your emailIn Gmail, compose your message.At the bottom of the Compose window, click More. Request read receipt.Click Send. You’ll get a notification email when your message is opened.

How do I sync my sent items from Outlook to my iPhone?

iPhone & iPadLaunch the Settings app.Choose Mail Contacts and Calendars.Select the account with which you would like to adjust.Under IMAP tap on your Account.Choose Advanced at the bottom.Under Mailbox Behaviours, tap on Sent Mailbox.Ensure that the folder called Sent is checked off under the On the Server section.

Where is my Sent folder in Outlook?

If you have multiple email accounts in Outlook, each email account has its own Sent Items folder.Click Sent Items in the folder list. Tip: If you don’t see the Sent Items folder, click the arrow (>) on the left of your account folder to expand the list of folders.Select the message you want to view.

Why are my emails not showing up in my Sent folder?

Navigate to File > Options > Mail. Uncheck the Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder box. Click OK. … Check the Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder box.

How do I sync my Sent folder in Outlook?

When assigning a folder to the Sent Items in Outlook 2010 follow these steps;Open IMAP by clicking on File, Account Settings and then double click on the IMAP account.Click on More Settings.Select Sent Items.Enable “Save sent items in the following folder on the server”.Choose your preferred folder.

Why don’t I have a sent folder on my iPhone?

Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Accounts>Choose your IMAP account>Advanced>Mailbox Behaviors>On the Server>Sent Messages. For some odd reason, the default is set to ON MY iPad on ON MY iPhone once someone migrates to iCloud/Upgrades their operating system. It’s easy to overlook.

Where are my sent messages in Gmail?

Click the gear icon and open “Settings,” then choose “Labels” to see which of your message types are displayed in the left menu. Click “Show” beside “Sent Mail.” Access your sent messages by clicking “Sent Mail” in the left menu.