Why Did Vera Kill Cyril?

Who invited Mr Rogers to the island?

Constance CulmingtonThe two men speak to one another, and Wargrave asks Armstrong about Constance Culmington, who supposedly invited him to the island..

Why did Justice Wargrave kill everyone?

The judge isn’t dead. … Basically, Wargrave was obsessed with death as well as enforcing justice. When he learned about people who got away with murder, he decided to lure them to the island and kill them one by one. He is terminally ill and kills himself (for real) by shooting himself.

What does the judge suggest to the guests?

What does Justice Wargrave (Judge) suggest to one of the guests? One of them is the killer. … According to Justice Wargrave (Judge), one of them is the killer.

How did Dr Armstrong die?

When Armstrong sneaks out in the middle of the night to meet Wargrave, Armstrong is pushed over a cliff. Much later, Vera and Lombard find Armstrong’s body on the rocky shore. He had drowned and then been pulled in by the tide.

What was Philip Lombards job?

Lombard was hired by Mr. Isaac Morris to come to Soldier Island and watch out for any trouble. He is a very resourceful and creative man who used to be a soldier in Africa.

What crime did Emily Brent commit?

Emily Brent An old, ruthlessly religious woman who reads her Bible every day. The recording accuses Emily Brent of killing Beatrice Taylor, a servant whom she fired upon learning that Beatrice was pregnant out of wedlock.

What was Blores fake name?

William Henry Blore was one of ten guests invited to Soldier Island. … He arrived under the alias “Davis” from South Africa, on the island for “security work”. His true name is revealed on the gramophone recording.

Why did Vera let Cyril die?

Like the other characters, Vera has a dark secret. At her last job, she was governess to a spoiled little rich boy named Cyril Hamilton. She let Cyril drown so that his relative, Hugo, would inherit his money and then be rich enough to marry her.

What does Vera mean by don’t you see were the zoo?

Vera thinks that Armstrong faked his death, and that he is actually still alive trying to trick them. When Vera says, “We’re the zoo…” what does she mean? She means that they are going crazy to the point where they are not acting human anymore.

Why is Justice Wargrave on Indian Island?

Justice Wargrave, a recently retired judge, is taking a train to the seaside town of Sticklehaven, where he is to catch a boat to Indian Island. He recalls the rumors that have swirled around the island: since a mysterious Mr. … On the same train, Vera Claythorne ponders her invitation to the island.

How does Justice Wargrave die?

Justice Wargrave dies by shooting himself in the forehead(in the end, the one where he was found shot in the head was a fake), Philip Lombard dies by being shot through the head by Vera Claythorne, Miss Brent and Anthony Marston died from cyanide poisoning, Mrs.

Why can’t Blore have killed Vera and Lombard?

Vera and Emily kept diaries, allowing the police to reconstruct the order in which the murders took place. Which means that if the killer was one of them, it had to be Lombard, Blore or Vera. It couldn’t be Armstrong because his body had been dragged out of the sea.

Who does Vera think the killer is and why?

Lombard thinks Wargrave is the killer because, as a retired judge, he has put people to death many times. Who does Vera think the killer is and why? Vera thinks Armstrong is the killer because he is a doctor and has access to medicines an drugs.

Who did Philip Lombard kill?

His crime is described as follows ‘Philip Lombard, that upon a date in February, 1932, you were guilty of the death of twenty-one men, members of an East African tribe. ‘ While it can be debated whether his crime is the worst (Vera killed a child), he certainly takes the murder-cake for the highest amount of deaths.

Why does Lombard wargrave Vera agree?

Does Vera agree? If not, who does she suspect and why? Lombard suspects Wargrave because he thinks the power of being a judge has gone to the judge’s head. He believes he has been playing God Almighty and Executioner and he wants to take it one step further.

Is Justice Wargrave the killer?

But as we learn at the close of the novel, when a local fisherman recovers his confession, Wargrave himself is the killer. … Since all of his victims are supposedly guilty of murder, Wargrave, like the detective, acts as an agent of justice, making sure that murderers are punished for their crimes.

Who helped wargrave fake his death?

ArmstrongHaving disposed of the first five guests in the manner above, Wargrave persuaded Armstrong to help him fake Wargrave’s own murder, under the pretext that it would rattle the “real murderer.” Later, upon meeting Armstrong on the cliff in the middle of night, Wargrave pushed the doctor into the sea, enabling him to …

Who is the killer in and there were none?

Since neither of them were near the house when the death occurred, Vera and Lombard conclude that Armstrong is the killer. Vera and Lombard come upon Armstrong’s body washed up on the beach. Each concludes the other must be the killer.

Why did Anthony Marston go to soldiers Island?

Tony was brought to the island by the murderer because of his callous attitude toward the two children he murdered when they ran in front of his speeding car. When he is first accused, he can’t even remember who John and Lucy Combes are.

Who killed Vera Claythorne?

The Death of Cyril Ogilvie Hamilton She Killed Him.

Who is Mr UN Owen?

Owen is the alias of Justice Lawrence Wargrave. It is used by Isaac Morris to buy Soldier Island, and used to invite many of the guests to the house on Soldier Island.